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Worm Bucket L:

Capacity: x2 tray for solid humus of 33 liters each + one for liquid of 23 liters.

Total 89 litres.

Measurements (height x width x depth): 44 x 41 x 66 cm.

WormBucket is an innovative vermicomposter, designed by and for the user, but without forgetting the well-being of worms, our great allies in vermicomposting. If the worms are comfortable, they will process our waste faster and their rate of reproduction will increase considerably.

Its design makes it unique in its sector:

Worm Bucket Features:

Rectangular shape to make 100% use of space: Ideal for small homes where every inch is important.

Highly impact resistant plastic material: it is made with plastic trays for industries that require very resistant objects.

No temperature variations: its thickness and the independent ventilation in each tray mean that a very stable temperature is maintained inside the vermicomposter, even in the height of summer and/or winter.

Valid for interior and exterior: resistant to any environment (outside it must be in the shade, for the well-being of the worms).

Easy handling: 3 stackable and easy to handle trays.

Easy opening lid: The lid for the tray where the worms are, has 4 tabs, the 4 placed ones act as a hermetic seal, when only 2 are opened, it acts as a hinge opening and closing the lid comfortably. The larger model has an equally practical lid but without tabs.

Proof of less desirable visitors: although there are fauna that are good for vermicomposting, others are not so good. That is why WormBucket is delivered with an extra accessory for areas that have a problem with flies, mosquitoes, ants, etc. It greatly minimizes their entry.

Collection tap: the lower tray has a very resistant tap to be able to collect the precious liquid.

Sustainable with the Environment: made of high-density polyethylene, in food quality (100% virgin) and 100% recyclable.

Additional features:

All models come with a complete specific manual for wormBucket, the coconut fiber necessary to make the bed where the process begins and the precise number of worms as the initial breeding nucleus (the number of worms is proportional to the model purchased, it is delivered in porexpan box).


Muy buen vermicompostador

Muy buena calidad y tamaño. Es como aparece en las fotos y encaja con la descripción, por lo que me parece un producto con una calidad-precio muy aceptable.

Recomiendo, sin duda, tanto el vermicompostador como adquirirlo a través de lombricesdecalifornia, ya que la atención recibida durante el proceso de compra ha sido fantástica y rapidísima.

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