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Vermicompostador + 1 píe de cría

Worm farm + 1 breeding worms

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Vermicomposter with trays + 1 breeding stock 1,000 worms (10% adults, 90% young and eggs).

Vermicomposter measures: 40x98x32 (width x height x depth) - Capacity per tray 17 litres. Model 3 trays.

Take advantage of this limited offer and start the vermicomposter with two cores instead of one! More worms more debris can process.

complete and specific manual for our vermicomposters

It is designed for those people who want to take advantage of their organic waste and turn it into earthworm humus, the best organic fertilizer in the world. With the tap on the lower tray you can extract liquid humus (leached), a liquid full of nutrients.

Its size is ideal for people who live both in the city and do not have an outdoor space to house worms, as well as for those who have more space or are a family of 4 or more people. You can put it anywhere you want both indoors and outdoors. With its size you can house an important population of worms to recycle your organic waste quickly. With the shipment you will receive a complete guide for its perfect operation.

It consists of 3 compartments, the lower one with a tap for the collection of liquid worm castings and the three upper boxes are where the worms live, processing organic waste to convert them into worm castings. When the first is filled, they go up to the second compartment where they continue the process and thus be able to use the humus obtained on the first floor.

In weeks, a considerable increase in the population is obtained when the young are born.

Excellent pack to get you started in the fabulous world of home composting with California red worms.

Perfect worms for home composting, the ones that best adapt to the vermicomposter.

Compost Worms: California worm cores to transform your organic waste into solid and liquid worm castings. The cores are made up of 10% adult worms, 90% young worms and eggs or cocoons, taken directly from our breeding beds. You will quickly multiply the population, but don't worry, the same worms when they have no more space, will stop reproducing and will focus their efforts on feeding and producing humus. Together with the shipment you will receive a guide for the correct maintenance of the worms.

The breeding cores are delivered with a Styrofoam box (maintains the right temperature), worm humus and organic matter (worm food for a season). You will also receive a vermiculture manual and an installation guide. We guarantee the maximum number of worms in each breeding stock (10% adults, 90% young and eggs).

What does each brood core contain?

The breeding cores contain approximately 1,000 worms in all their stages (10% adults, 90% hatchlings and eggs). The worms are shipped in their own bed of organic matter so that they do not suffer any stress during transport and arrive perfectly.

How do we prepare the breeding nuclei?

We add the organic matter that acts as a bed for the worms for transport and to start the process and then we add the adult worms one by one (they measure from 3 to 8 cm). With that size they have already developed the clitellum, which is what indicates that they are adults, they can mate and lay eggs.

How many worms will you receive with the brood core?

All breeding cores are shipped with a minimum of 100 adult worms, but about 120 are always added, all counted one by one. The rest will be all the hatchlings and eggs that are mixed with the substrate (bed). The young range from mm to 2 cm. Up to 21 small worms can hatch from each egg, normally 2 to 10 offspring.

Calculating the number of hatchlings and eggs that go into each breeding nucleus is practically impossible, we guarantee the maximum density of hatchlings and eggs so that you can start your vermicomposter and we add the adults by hand. In this way, after 30 days, these eggs will have hatched, the young will have grown and the adults will be laying an average of one egg per week, at that moment it is calculated that approximately 1,000 worms are obtained.

These data are for a breeding nucleus, so for the ½ breeding nucleus it will be half and for two breeding nuclei it will be double, and so on.

If you have any questions before purchasing your breeding core, do not hesitate to contact us by email, phone or Whatsapp, we are here to help you.

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