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BettleJelly, jelly for beetles

Price €0.75
BettleJelly or beetle jelly (as main feed) for adult frugivorous beetles, complementary feed for fruit-eating reptiles. This special food for...

Substrate for beetles

Price €12.95
Substrate for beetles (larvae) Perfect for feeding a wide variety of beetles, Formats: 10 and 30 liters, standard, supreme and mix,...

habitat for beetles

Price €7.50
Habitat for larvae and small adult beetles, the price is only for the habitat Dimensions approx.: 18.5 x 18.5 x 19 cm (width x height x...

Thermal blanket

Price €12.95
14W or 28W heating blanket with temperature adjustment, heating mat for small animal reptiles, heating mat to place under or next to habitats for...

Thermohygrometer with probe

Price €9.95
Digital and electronic with waterproof probe thermometer thermo-hygrometer for reptile cage, mantis, spiders, ants, caterpillars, butterflies,...

leaves for beetles

Price €8.95
leaves for beetles (larvae) Perfect to mix with the substrate for beetles! Formats: 10, 20 and 30 liters Do not forget to always...

Mecynorrhina savagei larvae

Price €22.50
Mecynorrhina savagei larva, spectacular color and great size! Expected Finished Size: 35-65mm Origin: Cameroon Temperature:...

Pachnoda marginata peregrina larvae

Price €9.95
Pachnoda marginata peregrina PACK OF 5 larvae, also known as African flower beetle. Size: 20 - 25mm. Temperature: 18-25°C Activity...

Goliathus goliatus larvae

Price €65.50
Goliathus goliatus larva, they call it the giant beetle... it must be for a reason... Expected finished size: 50-110mm Origin:...

Dynastes hercules lichy larvae

Price €44.95
Dynastes hercules lichy, very healthy larvae, hard to find, spectacular animal! Expected Finished Size: 80-170mm Origin:...

Protaetia affinis larvae

Price €19.95
Protaetia affinis PACK OF 5 larvae, inhabits the Palearctic: Europe and the Middle East. Temperature: 18-25°C Activity Time: Beetles are...

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