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Miomantis paykullii

Price €8.95
Egyptian pygmy mantis (Miomantis paykullii), can be light brown or green in color. Small/medium size mantis. Food: insects, especially...

Drosophila hydei

Price €3.95
The Drosophila Hydei is a classic among food animals! The large, dark, flightless fly with its red eyes is very productive and hatches after about...

blaptica dubia

Price €2.75
blaptica dubia small size Complement for basic feeding of mantises and other pets

Hierodula membranacea

Price €8.95
Hierodula membranacea ou mantis asiático gigante. Mantis que atinge 8-10 cm e come praticamente tudo, é muito feroz. Espécimes não...


Price €3.95
Asticot is perfect for feeding different types of insects, if it is kept in the fridge the worm stays that way for days or weeks, if it is left...

Deroplatys truncata

Price €14.95
Mantis Deroplatys truncata, amazing shape. Food: insects, especially those that fly (buy mantis flies), for small or medium-sized ones, it is...

Thermohygrometer with probe

Price €9.95
Digital and electronic with waterproof probe thermometer thermo-hygrometer for reptile cage, mantis, spiders, ants, caterpillars, butterflies,...

fruit fly porridge kit

Price €19.95
PACK to prepare 8 cultures for the fruit fly, try this recipe fruit fly porridge PACK CONTENT: 1 culture with Drosophila (fruit fly)...

Thermal blanket

Price €12.95
14W or 28W heating blanket with temperature adjustment, heating mat for small animal reptiles, heating mat to place under or next to habitats for...

Mantis Box

Price €8.95
Mantis cabin without mantis, only the cabin Dimensions approx.: 18.5 x 18.5 x 19 cm (width x height x height) Plastic box, lid,...

Sphodromantis lineola

Price €0.00
Sphodromantis lineola or African mantis. It is one of the most common praying mantises as pets due to its great hunting ferocity, good size...

Empusa hedenborgii

Price €14.95
Mantis Empusa hedenborgii, can be light brown or green in color. Medium size mantis. Ideal food: insects such as flies, be careful with...

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