Butterflies and Caterpillars

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Caterpillars of Samia Ricini XL

Price €14.95
Scientific name: Samia Ricini XL Common name: Ailanthus silk butterfly Geographical area: currently in many parts of Asia, Europe,...
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Live Silkworms + food

Price €25.95
OFFER PACK: live worms + food for their entire cycle 20 Live Silkworms + 100grs food Artificial food already cooked for its entire cycle...

Small Insectarium Butterfly

Price €14.95
Mesh butterfly garden with zipper Measures approx: 30x30x30cm Practical and simple folding insectary for small insects or butterfly...

Acherontia Atropos Caterpillars

Price €17.50
Scientific name: Acherontia atropos Common name: African death butterfly, skull butterfly Geographical area: The species, native to...
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Caterpillars Papilio machaon

Price €17.50
Scientific name: Papilio machaon Common name: Papilio machaon, Queen Geographical area: widely distributed in the northern hemisphere...

Nest Shelter for Butterflies

Price €17.40
Shelter nest house for butterflies Measures 17x12x23 cm approximate. The house is designed with the holes that butterflies look for in...

Artificial food Cabbage Caterpillars

Price €14.95
Artificial Diet for Pieris Brassicae, artificial food for cabbage caterpillars with all the nutrients they need for their development, from egg to...

Attacus atlas Pupae

Price €14.50
Scientific name: Attacus atlas Common name: atlas butterfly, snakehead butterfly Geographical area: It inhabits the tropical forests of...
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Medium Insectarium

Price €22.95
Medium mesh butterfly garden with zipper Measures approx: 40x40x60cm Practical and simple folding insectary for small insects or...

Acherontia Atropos Pupae

Price €9.95
Scientific name: Acherontia atropos Common name: African death butterfly, skull butterfly Geographical area: The species, native to...

Caterpillars Vanessa Cardui

Price €14.95
Scientific name: Vanessa Cardui Common name: thistle butterfly Geographical area: It is one of the butterflies with the greatest...

Butterflies, moths and caterpillars as pets

Pet is not the exact word but we have chosen it to be understood. Butterflies are spectacular, interesting and magical animals in all aspects. Also in nature they are bioindicators, where there are butterflies, surely, there is a balanced and natural ecosystem. Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer spaces like this and the populations of these fantastic animals are declining at a very high rate.

Is it possible to breed butterflies or keep them at home?

As with any other animal, you have to be realistic and honest with yourself. Above all, the welfare of the animal must prevail and provide all the care it needs at every moment of its life and more so in the case of butterflies that go through several stages that have nothing to do with each other.

Diurnal butterflies, caterpillars feed on their food plant and when they are adults they feed mainly on the nectar of plants.

Night butterflies (moths), when they are caterpillars, feed on their food plant, when they are adults, many of them are born without a mouth, so they do not eat, but there are some "mixed" species that do have a mouth to feed (spiritrompa) .

It is essential, before acquiring one or several species of butterfly, to know in detail their care and prepare everything before their arrival, this will save you future problems, we are here to help you, ask us what you need to know beforehand and we can guide you on what species or species are better for your case.

We have species for more inexperienced people in this field and others that require more care or space.

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