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Phyllomimus sp

Price €14.95
Grasshopper Phyllomimus sp Incredible animal, very difficult to obtain but easy to maintain, eats brambles. It can be raised in a...
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Attacus lorquinii Pupae

Attacus lorquinii Pupae

Regular price €25.00 -25% Price €18.75
Scientific name: Attacus atlas loruqinii Common name: Atlas butterfly Geographical area: It lives in the Philippines Food:...

Phalacrognathus muelleri

Price €34.95
Simply Spectacular Rainbow Beetle Phalacrognathus Muelleri Finished size: 40-70mm Origin: Australia Temperature: 20-25°C Activity time:...


Price €49.95
Enyaliopsis spec. RSA - giant cricket Size: 5cm Origin: South Africa Temperature: substrate and air temperature 20-30 ° C Substrate:...

Phyllium letiranti

Price €19.95
Phyllium letiranti tataba Interesting species of easy maintenance and very curious due to its great resemblance to a leaf. If it is in its...

Hierodula membranacea

Price €8.95
Hierodula membranacea ou mantis asiático gigante. Mantis que atinge 8-10 cm e come praticamente tudo, é muito feroz. Espécimes não...
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Small Insectarium Butterfly

Price €14.95
Mesh butterfly garden with zipper Measures approx: 30x30x30cm Practical and simple folding insectary for small insects or butterfly...

Reticulitermes grassei termite colony

Price €39.95
Reticulitermes grassei termite colony with 50 to 100 workers. Termites of the Reticulitermes grassei species are the most common in our...

Acherontia Atropos Caterpillars

Price €16.50
Scientific name: Acherontia atropos Common name: African death butterfly, skull butterfly Geographical area: The species, native to...

Caterpillars Papilio machaon

Price €17.50
Scientific name: Papilio machaon Common name: Papilio machaon, Queen Geographical area: widely distributed in the northern hemisphere...

Nest Shelter for Butterflies

Price €17.40
Shelter nest house for butterflies Measures 17x12x23 cm approximate. The house is designed with the holes that butterflies look for in...

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